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iostream-doc and libg++doc

I just recently installed the latest version of debian 2.0 via ftp
and I am very happy with it.

However I noticed that there was no doc for any of the g++
librarys.  From what I gathers libg++ is now absolute 
as almost everything is included in libstdc++.  However the
documenation is not.

So I created to binary packages iostream-doc_0.64-1.deb   
form the (libstdc++ source) and libg++-doc_2.8.1.1-1.deb
(from the libg++ source).  However I know these packages 
are not up to debian specks.

May I strongly suggest you add similar packages to the debian hamm 
release.  I release that the g++ docs may not be completely accrete 
however they are at least something.

If you want I can mail you a copy of my packages but don't
expect much.  I did the minimal amount necessary to get then to install and
remove correctly.  I do not have the knoladge to make a source package.

Kevin Atkinson

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