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Re: Deity still stuck

Douglas Bates wrote:
> I am still unable to get deity from the deity_19980324-1 package
> running.  The command "dpkg-get update" hangs after the error on
> /Packages.gz.  Eventually I have to kill it.  It appears that the
> package cache never gets built properly.
> The problem is that it is looking for the unstable directory on
> 		http://llug.sep.bnl.gov/debian/dists/
> but there isn't one.  There is a "frozen" directory.
> Is there a way of overriding this?  There is no manual page for
> dpkg-get that I have seen and a cursory glance at the output of
> "strings /usr/bin/dpkg-get" didn't show me where it is pulling its
> configuration information from.
> Suggestions welcome.

Try it again.. unstable is back..


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