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Re: Need help on setting up tricky deps

Igor Grobman writes:
 > I am the maintainer of svgatextmode.  Conflicting with kbd (<< 0.92-3) is the 
 > right solution anyway.  I just noticed this bug a few days ago, and was going 
 > to wait for something more important to come up before releasing a fix, but 
 > since you need this, I'll release fixed version soon.


 >  Svgatextmode does not 
 > need to depend on kbd, it's just that kbd <0.92-3 had fonts in 
 > /usr/lib/kbd/consolefonts, not /usr/share/consolefonts as it does now.  

Hmmm... something I wonder: why is there a FontPath setting in
TextConfig ?  setfont is perfectly aware of where the fonts are (don't
know since which version of kbd, though - Andries doesn't think
changelogs are of interest to anyone).

There should be some mechanism in stm that allows setfont to use its
own knowledge, without duplicating path settings over config files.
Commenting out FontPath doesn't work (defaults to /usr/lib/kbd), and
setting it to "" is considered an error.

For backward compatibility, I think making stm understand that ""
means "don't prepend a path" would be nice (and the default in the
shipped TextConfig).

I've forwarded this message to Koen, as I think it is an issue that
concerns him.

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