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Re: non-free software

Hi there,

I usually stay away from these types of discusion but I thought I had
better step in on this one and provide some possible solutions.

Most people seem to want to be able to get hold of the the non-free
software however not everyone has access to a connection which is fast
or reliable. Like me I prefer to by a CD every now and again and update
my system via a CD. I also see the point of Debian in which they only
want to put free software on there CD.

One solution suggested by someone would be to start a commercial release
of Debian. I don't think that that is a very economic way of doing

What I do suggest is producing another CD in which we get the authors of
the software to allows there package to packaged onto a "shareware" type
CD. As the authors of the packages themselfs gave permision to package
there software on the CD there would be no legal problems with the CD.
It will also allow there software to be distubuted on a wider base.

This second CD could then be sold as an extra package or it could be
bundled together in a CD pack with Debian.

This CD could then also allow commercial companys to place trial or BETA
software for Linux on it promoting commercial support for Linux.

These are some brief ideas that I have. If anyone feels that this is a
good idea please contact me and I will help in every way. At the present
point I don't have the equipment to  implement things like this.


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