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Re: RFC: local-config-independant hyperlinks between docs

Adam P. Harris writes:
 > I would assume that a lot of Debian users (maybe not developers, but
 > users) will *not* have a web server install.

Yes, but I was told by the dhelp maintainer that it was possible for
some *browsers* (lynx, NS, AFAIK) to run cgi scripts, though he had
problems with this.  I did not try myself.

 > For now, why not just have markup like:
 >   If you have the <tt>foobar-doc</tt> package installed, you have a 
 >   <a href="../foobar-doc/index.html">locally-available copy</a> of the 
 >   documentation for package Foobar already.  Otherwise, go to the <a
 >   href="http://www.foobar.org/";>main site</a>.
 > What's wrong with that? 

It requires more editing of the file, which means more work for the
maintainer.  It is also less easy to automate checking that all such
links are safe.

 > Works with or without a web server.  

Well, it seems that CGI support does not mean WWW server.  Both dhelp
and dwww are heavily using CGI scripts too (is will be probably needed
for search anyway), and at least dhelp is planned to drop WWW server
requirement ASAP.

 > Is helpful with or without the package foobar-doc.

My solution too ;)

For now, your solution may be good for the user.  It is however
probably too late to do that for hamm, and we have time to improve
things for slink.  I plan to work more on this in some days/weeks.

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