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Re: ldconfig or not

[You ("David Engel")]
>On Sat, Mar 28, 1998 at 12:57:35PM +1100, Herbert Xu wrote:
>> they're not.  This seems to indicate that we must run ldconfig in postinst e
>> if there're symlinks in the package.

>This is correct -- you must run ldconfig.  If the new libraries are
>installed into /lib or /usr/lib, you can get away with not running
>ldconfig but you should still run it anyway to get the entries into

Wait a minute.  If this is indeed the case, and I'm not convinced it is, 
we better change my bible, the Debian Packaging Manual, Chapter 12, where 
it says:

| If you do the above your package does not need to call ldconfig in its
| maintainer scripts. It is especially important not to call ldconfig in
| the postrm or preinst scripts in the case where the package is being
| upgraded (see Details of unpack phase of installation or upgrade,
| section 6.3), as ldconfig will see the temporary names that dpkg uses
| for the files while it is installing them and will make the shared
| library links point to them, just before dpkg continues the
| installation and removes the links!  

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