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Re: Feb 20 boot disk problems

On Tue 24 Mar 1998, Chris Fearnley wrote:

> During an installation from the Feb 20 boot disks I ran into several
> problems.

I also have some additional comments I scribbled on a piece of paper
while trying the install last week:

- What's with All the Gratuitious Capital Letters in the steps?
  For example:

    C: Initialize and Activate a swap partition

  Maybe it's meant to make it clearer what's going on, but to me it
  looks careless.

> First, much of the explanatory material doesn't fit on the screen.
> And there seems to be no way to scroll to read the rest of these messages!

You mean like the message:

    swap partition. If you absolutely insist on doing without a swap partition,

and that's it, a trailing comma and nothing more...

- Searching for the rescue1440.bin file does the wrong thing. I'm not
  exactly sure what went wrong, but I recall it was looking in all the
  wrong places, and extremely slowly at that.

- There is no description for the ip_alias module.

- The message

        Determining next step

  appears and immediately disappears again. The screen then remains
  blank (blue) for quite a while, and then the procedure continues. This
  is confusing.

- There is no parameter documentation for the hisax module. Contact me
  if help is needed at this point, although the info is available as
  linux/Documentation/isdn/README.HiSax in the kernel sources.

Paul Slootman
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