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Re: Initial draft proposed constitution (v0.3)


On 22 Mar 1998, Kai Henningsen wrote:

>> I presume it's the second paragraph you're confused by ?  That's there
>Well yes, that's the part I can't parse at all.

    I had originally planned to attempt to translate this into German,
then got about halfway through the first sentence and freaked, realizing
that my skill was no longer up to the task.  So instead, I'm going to
attempt to break it down.  Someone correct me if I screwed something up:

    Assume the Project Leader (or a delegate of the Project Leader) has
made a decision.  Developers can attempt to override that decision by
passing a resolution to do so.  
    If such a resolution is proposed by a developer and then seconded
by at least 2Q developers, or if it is proposed by the technical
committee, that resolution can put the Project Leader's decision
immediately on hold.  
    If the Project Leader's decision was to change a discussion period
or a voting period, then a developer needs only Q developers to be
able to put the decision immediately on hold.
    If the decision is put on hold, an immediate vote is held to
determine whether the decision will stand until the full vote on the
decision is made, or if the implementation of the original decision
should be delayed until that full vote is made.  
    If the Project Leader (or the delegate) withdraws that decision,
the voting of course becomes moot, and is no longer conducted.

    Did I miss anything?  Mess up anything?  Anything you still don't

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