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Simple Installation

Hi all!

I'm using the DEBIAN-Linux now for a few month and really enjoy it! 
A lot of friends of mine wanted to upgrade from Win to Linux, but
diddn't quite manage it. So I decidet to make an installation - CD with
a Grafical Setup-Tool based on the Debian Distribution. 
We are now two people developing:
That's what we have right now:

- A Debian (unstable) Live-File-System on CD-Rom with X-Windows and
- A - Bootdisk which automatically finds the CD-Rom and then
boots X-Windows
- A pre-Alpha-Version of an FDisk-Frontend with TK

That's what we want to do:
We decidet to use the KDE Look&Feel for the Installation (Ktk) and
install the KDE as standard WM (BETA 3)
We want to give the user the possibility to make a
standard-installation where everything is done automatically (or the
options are asked BEFORE the installation itself), so that you don't
have to sit in front of your Computer for several hours (on slow
As we want one Look&Feel for all the Installation we want to make a
(simple) dselect with the KDE Look&feel. This is probably unneccessarry
when the new dselect Version is released.

We want to (automatically) make daily diffs of the Config-Files in /etc
with CVS so that older Versions can easily be restored.

With this installation we want to make Linux more popular. The only
reason why so many people don't upgrade to Linux is the lack of an easy
installation and configuration!

If you have any suggestions or you want to join us, mail me!


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