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Re: icmp-logger virtual package

And thus spake Hugo Haas, on Thu, Mar 19, 1998 at 12:51:21AM +0000:
> Well, he had installed iplogger and jail and the messages appeared twice
> (that was normal because he had two different daemons).
> There's no point in installing jail _and_ iplogger, because they're doing
> the same job (well, iplogger also has an additionnal TCP event logger, but
> as far as ICMP packets are concerned, icmplog and icmplogd more or less
> identical).
> We proposed this virtual package to avoid to confuse users.

Creating a virtual package is not to be done lightly, and is not to be
done without approval, as far as I know.

This sounds like it would be better handled using the 'alternatives'
functionality. Look into using update-alternatives.

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