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Re: icmp-logger virtual package

On Thu, 19 Mar 1998, Remco Blaakmeer wrote:

> > iplogger and jail provide both an ICMP event logger (icmplogd and icmplog,
> > respectevily). It was reported as a bug (#18556): someone had installed
> > both and thought there was a problem.
> Someone thought there was a problem? What kind of problem was that? Can
> you reproduce it? Is it serious? I doubt adding a virtual package just
> because someone _thinks_ there _might_ be a problem is a good idea. Not
> that I'm against adding a virtual package for these packages, but I think
> there should be good reasons to do it.

Well, he had installed iplogger and jail and the messages appeared twice
(that was normal because he had two different daemons).

There's no point in installing jail _and_ iplogger, because they're doing
the same job (well, iplogger also has an additionnal TCP event logger, but
as far as ICMP packets are concerned, icmplog and icmplogd more or less

We proposed this virtual package to avoid to confuse users.

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