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Re: Splitting the distribution for CDs

On Wed, 18 Mar 1998, Ian Jackson wrote:

> Does anyone have any figures on proportions of the binaries in
> particular categories ?

I can't say exactly about all of the distribution because contrib's
Packages file is empty on the ftp site right now, but here goes:

$ awk  '$1 == "Priority:" { this = $2 }
	$1 == "Size:" 	  { total[ this ] += $2 }
	END { for ( x in total ) 
	        print x, " : ", total[ x ] }' \

important :  5938230
extra     :  36139004
optional  :  429088698
required  :  5798946
standard  :  37597726

The same for Packages.dists_unstable_non-free:

extra     :  7561986
optional  :  84616638

> Can Deity handle several CDs sequentially ?  (If not, what will we do ?)

I think that at least dselect can handle this fine. Just keep al the
packages mentioned in one Packages file (which /could/ be duplicated on
the second cd.) One would then only need to run "Install" on each cd in
turn. The only care that needs to be taken is to ensure that no packages
on the first cd depend on stuff that is on the second cd. 

Maybe dselect needs to be patched to mention an instructive comment. The
"dselect users manual" would surely need patching.



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