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install-mime was RE: tecra version of hamm

>but at the very least I'd like to see install-mime go away.
>It makes the install/upgrade process unnecessarily painful.  (You have
>to carefully read the screen, think, then choose a number about 10
>times during the install.)  IMHO, this makes installation
>difficult/confusing for the new user.  (And for me.)
>My best idea for a replacement is to have install-mime manipulate a
>database, and have a gtk or newt application that the user can run
>afterwards to order the applications. (Install them in last place by
>default, or have a suitability index to help with the default ordering >-
>i.e. xv is more suitable for still images than xanim, etc.)
>It would be nice if the ordering was stored in a different place than
>the application/mime-type database, so an upgrade doesn't move
>anything around.

On the install-mime issue I have to agree.  I tend to just hit enter.  I
have never had a program open something do to a mime-type anyway.  Most
of the people I have asked say they just peck the enter key and go on.

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How can you feel, when your eyes are closed?
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