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Re: Volunteer software efforts ...

>>"bruce" == bruce  <bruce@va.debian.org> writes:

bruce> Richard, I found the "gypsy" message posted by Manoj most
bruce> offensive, both the ethnic slur (Gypsies are real people, and
bruce> have been abused much as the Jews have been: driven from
bruce> country to country over centuries made the scapegoat for crime)
bruce> and the implication that we were non-contributors pretty darn
bruce> stupid.

	Oh, I was trying to be offensive. 

	I get that way when I am told that I cannot make rational
 decisions and I go out of my way to be offensive. I was merely living
 up to my reputation.

	Though I do not actually  subscribe to Tom's view about
 ``gypsies'', the parable has a certain value. I shall not apologize
 for Tom.

	You missed the point, if you think that the parable knocked
 non-contibutors, or that only non-developers had a corner on being
 stupid.  There is nothing to indicate that the cohorts of the Bright
 Young Man did not, on occasion, help each other out on the pristine
 beach; and no indication that some may have been more forthcoming
 than the others. 

	The parable knocked rude and obnoxious non-contributors, who
 demand things be done hteir way, and who think they are on a pedestal
 since obviously all this work is done for their benefit. The key

	I have never been less than polite to request for help or
 modification in my packages; and I remain civil as long as a modicum
 of civility is extended to me. I never label people pejoratvely
 unless they have themselves caled me names (pinhead programmer comes
 to mind); and the parable I posted was aimed at them.

	If there was any collateral damage, I do apologize.

bruce> This was certainly a low moment in Debian's history.

	I think it is a low moment in Debian's history whenever we
 have to defent ourselves to a leading luminary of Debian after being
 insulted in a public list.


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