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Re: PostgreSQL upgrade will require Pre-Depends dependency

> So - is it guaranteed that the binaries of a previous package will still
> be available when preinst runs?  Can I rely on this behaviour indefinitely?
> and will I be justified in raising a bug report if anyone breaks it in the
> future?
> If the answer to all these is yes, then I will, with great relief, put
> all the necessary stuff in the preinst and postinst scripts for postgresql
> itself, and there will be no need for a Pre-Dependnecy.

 If the package is installed, then the binaries will be there, when preinst
runs no files were touched. The only problem would be if the package has
been removed, and only conffiles are left, but if the package has been
removed, most likely the user doesn't want the dbase any more. In any case,
you can check these things in preinst.

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