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Help me fix a bug!

I have received the following error from lintian:

W: shhmsg: shlib-without-dependency-information usr/lib/libshhmsg.so.1.3.3

   The listed shared libraries don't include information about which other
   libraries the library was linked against. (When running `ldd foo.so' ldd
   should report about these other libraries. In your case, ldd just
   reports `statically linked'.)
   To fix this, you should explicitly specify the libraries which are used
   (e.g., `-lc') when building the shared library with `ld'.
   If you have questions about this, please contact

OK. It is statically linked, but how do I make it dynamically linked?
I tried adding -lc to the Makefile, but to no avail:

[olet@apollo] ~/debian/shhmsg/shhmsg-1.3.3> SHARED=1 make
gcc -fPIC -o vars.o -c -s -Wall -O2 -I. vars.c
gcc -fPIC -o streams.o -c -s -Wall -O2 -I. streams.c
gcc -fPIC -o progname.o -c -s -Wall -O2 -I. progname.c
gcc -fPIC -o errno.o -c -s -Wall -O2 -I. errno.c
gcc -fPIC -o error.o -c -s -Wall -O2 -I. error.c
gcc -fPIC -o fatal.o -c -s -Wall -O2 -I. fatal.c
gcc -fPIC -o message.o -c -s -Wall -O2 -I. message.c
gcc -fPIC -o verbose.o -c -s -Wall -O2 -I. verbose.c
gcc -shared -Wl,-soname,libshhmsg.so.1 -o libshhmsg.so.1.3.3 vars.o streams.o progname.o errno.o error.o fatal.o message.o verbose.o -lc
[olet@apollo] ~/debian/shhmsg/shhmsg-1.3.3> ldd libshhmsg.so.1.3.3
        statically linked

I'm not very familiar with building shlibs, so if I have overlooked
something silly, please enlighten me!

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