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Re: Uploaded libjpeg 6a-11 (source i386) to master

Mark Mickan <mmickan@iweb.net.au> wrote:
> 2. Recompile all packages depending on libjpeg (which would require the major
>    version to be changed since the interface has been changed)

Our usual solution to this seems to be to introduce the library with
a different interface under a different package name (so both versions
can co-exist).  I think that should be good enough for now.

More generally our library management techniques are rather weak:
if the only reason a library is present is to support some other package,
then it should be removed when the package goes away.  If it's there
because of some need on the part of the user (which could perhaps be
indicated by the presence of a -dev package) that's different.

It might be that all we need to do is give shared library packages an
installation status that says "remove if nothing depends on this"?


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