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Re: List of bugs that *must* be fixed before freezing Hamm

On Tue 10 Mar 1998, Mark Baker wrote:
> > I had to search this info on the exim Mailing lists, since it wasn't
> > documented in the exim main page when I configured exim (is it now?).
> No. The file mails.gz in the debian package includes some information about
> using UUCP, though not in much detail; there are a few minor differences
> between the setup there and yours but it's basically similar apart from them
> using a dbm for the routing (presumably because they were a provider of UUCP
> rather than a customer)
> > An exim-UUCP-Howto is IMO badly needed.
> If you want to write one I'll include it in the package.

Maybe it would be sufficient to provide a UUCP option when configuring

I myself have tried out exim recently after being a smail user for a
long time (9 years, I believe).  It's great! I.e., another vote for
making it the standard debian MTA.

Paul Slootman
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