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installation disk and LS-120 drive ...

Hello, i tried to use the new installation disk on a pc containing a 2GB Seagate hard disk and a LS-120 floppy drive. I have no folppy drive.

all went fine until dinstall tried to determine the status of the installation after the debian page, i got some message saying hdb: hdb1 hdb2 hdb3 hdb4 on the middle of the screen, and after dinstall is freezed. (i can switch to console 2 and work there, but dinstall is freezed. if i kill him, i get a new dinstall but the same happens.

has someone else experienced this kind of problem ? 

i would be happy to do some more test, but i have access to the pc only until end of march.

(respond to me directly, i am not on the mailing list)



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