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Re: why ddd-?motif are gone from archive?

> > I don't think that Motif packages (at least -dmotif part) should *ever* be
> > removed from the archive *even* if lesstif version is stable and fully
> > functional.
> I disagree with this on political reasons.

Well, I am one of several people I know, who are employed to develop
commercial Motif applications and who are able to do so using Linux
as our OS.

I chose to use the Debian Linux distribution so that I could spend more
of my time developing and less time maintaining my system.

If I have to start compiling packages that I use myself, then alot of
Debian's appeal is lost.

I have Motif on my system. As such, I have no need, nor do I want to
install lesstif.

Please spare a thought for people like myself. If maintainers are prepared
to produce dynamically linked Motif packages, then please don't stop them.

Shaun Fielder, X/Motif Software Engineer
Open Software Associates Ltd.
PO Box 4414, Ringwood, Victoria, 3134, AUSTRALIA.
Phone: +613 9871-1662, Fax: +613 9871-1711
email: shaun@osa.com.au

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