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Re: why ddd-?motif are gone from archive?

> On Thu, Mar 05, 1998 at 11:36:24AM +0100, Sven Rudolph wrote:
> > Some potential lesstif problem: the Lesstif shared library is called
> > libXm. While Lesstif developers intend to make it Motif-compatible,
> > they didn't succeed yet. But the libXm name makes it difficult to
> > install both lesstif and Motif shared libraries.
> They have different sonames; lesstif is libXm.so.0 where motif is libXm.so.1
> or libXm.so.2. There shouldn't be any problems.

Unfortunately, there are. And the reason is that some commercial
applications and especially libraries linked with Motif (and libc, to be
mentioned in vain) without regard to the major number...

Alex Y.

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