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Re: why ddd-?motif are gone from archive?

> Alex Yukhimets <aqy6633@acf5.nyu.edu> writes:
> > I don't think that Motif packages (at least -dmotif part) should *ever* be
> > removed from the archive *even* if lesstif version is stable and fully
> > functional. They are for the users who happened to buy Motif for whatever
> > reason. (Like having 2.0.and 2.1 features not available in Lesstif).
> For -smotif: Whenever a program works sufficiently well with lesstif
> we don't need the -smotif version anymore. We learned that this isn't
> the case for ddd yet, so we need an -smotif ddd.


> For -dmotif: There aren't that many people having a licensed Motif
> shared library. IMHO its up to the package maintainer whether he
> creates the -dmotif package.

Very good idea. 

> (As long as -smotif is needed the
> maintainer is guaranteed to have Motif, so it is easy to create
> -dmotif.) That fact that -dmotif is contrary to free software politics
> is expressed by placing it into contrib, so we don't need to create
> additional punishment.

Agreed. If maintainer spent his/her time to create this package, it is
a bit crude to remove the package from the archive. (If it is placed
in the archive part according to it's copyright requirements, etc.)

> Some potential lesstif problem: the Lesstif shared library is called
> libXm. While Lesstif developers intend to make it Motif-compatible,
> they didn't succeed yet. But the libXm name makes it difficult to
> install both lesstif and Motif shared libraries. Solutions? Or am I
> simply wrong here?

Yes, ther is a problem of coexistance of both Motif and Lesstif libraries.
The guilt lies usualy on Motif vendor not linking the shared lib and/or
application properly, but this probelm exists.

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