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Re: On new names for "Deity"

On Wed, Mar 04, 1998 at 05:47:36PM -0000, bruce@va.debian.org wrote:
> My concerns are increasingly with Debian's marketing. I've done well
> in issues like the Official CD and the DFSG, but I find that asking
> hackers to do marketing is like asking cats to swim. I think it's time
> for us to assemble a marketing group that can speak with some authority
> on these issues and collaborate with the technical group to increase
> our user community.

You should have seen the backlash on the g10 (now called gnupg) 
mailing list when someone with background in marketing tried to offer some 
naming suggestions recently. It was big, and ugly.

(IMHO & IIRC the right people won, and it wasn't the marketing guy.)

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