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Re: Deity program name

> I'd very much like for this to be resolved without me having to make a
> formal decision.
> Brian, you're in charge of Deity as I understand it.  Do you have a
> comment on this issue ?  Do you plan to change the name ?  Do you have
> a set of names you're thinking of ?  Have you had enough suggestions ?

I say, leave it up to the Deity team to choose a name.  We've heard all
the recommendations and arguements.  We'll talk it over and make a choice
based on what we've heard.  Not everybody will be pleased, but that's
just the way things go.

This is, of course, what would have happened anyway.

> If Brian objects strongly to changing the name I'll consider what to
> do, which will involve soliciting input from people about whether they
> personally are offended by the current name.  If many people are
> offended then it will have to be changed; if not then it need not.
> Again, please do not post to the list saying whether you object to the
> name.  Post to the list only if you want to discuss the way I'm going
> about this or the issues surrounding it.

I don't object to changing the name.  I just object to this particular
"it'll offend someone, somewhere" arguement.

> My personal views follow - they should not be interpreted as a
> statement about the position I take with my project leader hat on:
> I quite like the name `deity' (FWIW I'm an atheist, but I feel that
> `deity' is an abstract name for a class of being, and not a reference
> to a particular god or gods, and I think people who would be offended
> by it are (a) lacking in humour and (b) misguided.)  If we need a new
> name then I'd prefer to avoid `pm' because I think it's too short and
> the last thing we need is more two-character commands.  I could live
> with `upm' (User Package Manager) or some such, or `trove', or
> whatever.

                                 ( bcwhite@verisim.com )

If you have a 50% chance of guessing right, you'll guess wrong 75% of the time.

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