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Deity program name

Bruce has asked me to decree that Deity should be renamed, because he
feels the name is `religiously offensive'.

I'd very much like for this to be resolved without me having to make a
formal decision.

Brian, you're in charge of Deity as I understand it.  Do you have a
comment on this issue ?  Do you plan to change the name ?  Do you have
a set of names you're thinking of ?  Have you had enough suggestions ?

My current preference is for Brian to pick a new name, with or without
input from the other Deity developers, as he sees fit.  If he wants to
he can solicit more input from debian-devel, but I'd rather not have
any more suggestions posted here.

If Brian objects strongly to changing the name I'll consider what to
do, which will involve soliciting input from people about whether they
personally are offended by the current name.  If many people are
offended then it will have to be changed; if not then it need not.
Again, please do not post to the list saying whether you object to the
name.  Post to the list only if you want to discuss the way I'm going
about this or the issues surrounding it.

My personal views follow - they should not be interpreted as a
statement about the position I take with my project leader hat on:

I quite like the name `deity' (FWIW I'm an atheist, but I feel that
`deity' is an abstract name for a class of being, and not a reference
to a particular god or gods, and I think people who would be offended
by it are (a) lacking in humour and (b) misguided.)  If we need a new
name then I'd prefer to avoid `pm' because I think it's too short and
the last thing we need is more two-character commands.  I could live
with `upm' (User Package Manager) or some such, or `trove', or


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