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Re: Possible new name for "deity"

On 03-Mar-1998, Brian White <bcwhite@verisim.com> wrote:
> > > Remove all daemons from debian (including all ".*d" programs, as
> > > they infer the same thing) and then I'll agree that you really and
> > > truely want to avoid anything that could offend a relious person.
> > 
> > While Bruce and I don't completely agree on the handling of the naming
> > issue, he could certainly make the point here that there's a
> > difference between ancient convention and a new name being chosen for
> > a project Debian invented (though I still like the idea of the primary
> > developers choosing the name).
> Yes.  I would fight against changing "daemon" anway.  My point is simply
> that we can't please everybody what we do.  This kind of thing hasn't
> caused problems in the past so why is it such a worry now?
> If people don't want the name "Deity", then that's fine with me, but to
> say "we shouldn't use it because somebody somewhere won't like the name
> for this reason or that" just doesn't cut it in my book.

I've got a better reason - probably half the English speaking world
cannot spell "Deity" correctly.  "Diety" - the in-between meal
administration tool that's low in fat!

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