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Re: On new names for "Deity"

> Bruce, if this is really what you're trying to do, then I'm afraid that it
> is _you_ that has too much time on his hands.  Let us know what package
> you choose.

I really love messages like this because they give me a chance to promote
what I am doing for the project.

I am working with Netscape on the Open Source release of their product.
They are going with a 100% DFSG-compliant license. _We_ have established
the standard for free software licensing. I wrote the first draft of the
DFSG and coordinated the developers in refining it.

I wrote most of the 1.1 through 1.3 installation system, and I made the
2.0 installation system build-able with LIBC 6 when the rest of the team
was stalled on that issue. I made newt/whiptail compatible with Dialog
so that we could abandon that buggy program and remove the ncurses
dependency from the installation system and eventually the base system.

I formed Software in the Public Interest, which has done lots of good
things for Free Software.

I got Debian a seat on the board of Linux International. I got Debian
into LI's trade show presentations, including the upcoming CeBit show.

I fly all around the world giving talks about Debian. I do this on vacation
time. I could be spending that time on personal vacations instead of Debian.

I created the Official CD, which has gotten us much more and better
distribution than we would have had otherwise. It's also brought us
about $10,000 in donations so far, and the money keeps coming.

I created packages: debian-cd, boot-floppies, base-files, electric-fence.
I did not just package these things, I was also the upstream maintainer.

I could go on, but I think you get the picture. 
I respect the contributions of all developers, but that does not mean I
can't harangue them when I see a problem. I've paid the dues for that.



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