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Re: UNIX and ease of use

Rob Browning writes:
> Has anyone had experience with WvDial?  If it works as advertised, can we
> set it up so that it's the default...

WvDial is very clever, but it and most of its competitors bypass the
standard configuration files.  This locks the user into their system and
pretty much rules out manual editing if the 'EZ' system fails.

> ...there should be a query in pppconfig with it as the default option...

Is there a pppconfig other than the one I uploaded last week?  That
wouldn't make a lot of sense in it.  It just edits the <provider> files so
that you can use 'pon'.

> I had to do a decent amount of work to get my system set up to do the
> right thing with respect to DNS, mail, etc.,...

So did I, but this stuff should be handled by the mail and network
configurators, not pppconfig.

> ...and most of the naive users *will* be dynamic IP.

And yet it isn't a choice on the smailconfig menu.  It is *not* obvious
to the naive user that a dialup IP host is an 'Internet site'.

> I do *not* like the option of changing the hostname to match the dynamic
> IP.

Neither do I.  It was obviously dreamed up by someone who has a static ip
and a 24/7 connection, and thinks that anyone who uses dynamic ip is just
another Windoze user.
John Hasler
john@dhh.gt.org (John Hasler)
Dancing Horse Hill
Elmwood, WI

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