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Re: hamm upgrade using dselect

On 1 Mar 1998, Sven Rudolph wrote:

re: dpkg-mountable

> It asks for the filesystem:
>   First, I need to know what partition you are installing from. This can
>   either be the device (eg /dev/hda3), or the mount point (eg /mnt), but
>   in either case the filesystem you specify MUST BE IN /etc/fstab.
>   Enter the root filesystem [/]: 
> This doesn't match my plans when I want to tell the program that I
> want to install from a directory.

tell it that the root filesystem is /, and that the root path is /debian (or
wherever you have your debian archive).

i find it easier to 'vi /var/lib/dpkg/methods/mountable/options' than to
configure it by answering questions in dselect's "0. Access" screen.


craig sanders

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