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Re: Designing a retail package for the Official CD

From: Ben Gertzfield <che@debian.org>
> Bruce, after seeing the *HUGE* success of the GIMP contests for
> various things (GNOME logo, gzilla spinner) I suggest we set up a set
> of contests for the box art, cd jacket art, label art, et al.

That's an excellent idea with one caveat. I would like to make sure the
judges have a grounding in product marketing. From my experience with the
logo contest and other similar issues, it's pretty clear that our hackers
are good hackers but poor marketers. 

Also note that it's not an _art_ contest, we already have a logo. It's a
product design contest. Winning entries will win mostly by their attention
to marketing factors. The goals are to catch the eye on a store rack, correctly
represent the product in contrast to other similar products, etc.



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