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Designing a retail package for the Official CD

We've been doing really well with the Official CD, going by the
donations page. I think it's time to take it farther. For 2.0, it will
probably be a 3-CD set. What I would like to do is provide a complete
retail package for the 2.1 Official CD.  This should include:

1. Color box art, including hardware requirements, features, screen shots,
2. Color CD Jacket art.
3. CD label art.
4. Printed installation manual and "what to do now that you've installed
   it" manual.

This would, of course, be distributed as PostScript files, etc., for use
by manufacturers.

To best accomodate the small-run manufacturers, I think the format we
should first build for is a looseleaf binder of 8 1/2 by 11 or A4-size,
with the CDs inserted into a plastic sheet in the notebook and the front
and back covers inserted into the notebook cover. We have notebooks here
that allow you to insert pages into the covers, I have no idea what they
are called. Notebook thickness can be up to 3 inch. This gives you a
package that can be assembled out of components from the office supply
store and duplication on a copying machine.

Secondary to this, we should do the standard-sized software box for use
on a retail rack. This would probably be a re-lay-out of the covers,
as some material would go to the box sides. The printed manual would
probably be a simple reduction from the large format, but this is
something that people can handle better given the document source.

Terms would be the same as the 1.3 Official 2-CD Set. The CD images must
be a bit-for-bit copy of what we distribute. The box, label, and cover
artwork and our printed manual are optional (although they can only be
used with the Official CDs), but the manual also exists on the CD. You
are allowed to make "extras" CDs containing any content and put them in
the package, but their label must indicate that they are supplemental to
the Official Debian CDs. You're allowed to add your own books, or shrink
wrap the package with other merchandise.

What I'm trying for here is a set of files that you can download and
give to your printer and the CD house, and have a complete retail package
come back, ready to be shipped to customers or stores. We have ample proof
from the history of the Official CD that if we build this, people will
sell it.



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