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Re: I found a cm206 module problem.

Szomor Attila <aszomor@pointer.hu> writes:
> I have Official Debian GNU/Linux by Linux Press (version 1.3) and a
> Philiphs CM206 cdrom drive but it does not work correctly under this
> operating sytem. Unpacking the bigger files the driver gives many
> errors. Could you please send me any information about it.

     Your problem doesn't sound like a driver problem.

     Several years ago, when I first started using Linux, I bought my
first CD drive, and an enhanced EIDE card to provide a second IDE
channel.  I had frequent I/O errors during large file transfers.  I
was using a ZEOS 486-33 machine, with an IDE controller on the
motherboard.  After a great deal of experimentation, including
swapping components from another similar computer, trying a new bios
chip, and disabling the onboard controller, we decided the motherboard
was not compatible with the enhanced EIDE card.  The manufacturer's
only advice was "We don't recommend add-on I/O cards".  The short term
solution I found was to abandon the new card, and swap the CD for
one of the hard drives when I wanted to make a linux installation.
The long term solution was a new motherboard.

     Your situation man be entirely different, but my point is that
such problems can be caused by hardware incompatibilities.  Since
DOS/WINDOWS exercise the system much less than an industrial strength
OS like Linux, it is very hard to duplicate these problems under DOS.
I was able to do so by creating a very large file in (5-10 MB) DOS and
copying it between drives.  Duplicating the error in another OS
demonstrates that is it is hardware problem, not a driver problem.

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