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Re: Possible new name for "deity"

On 24 Feb 1998, Steve Dunham wrote:

> How about "packman"?  It's short for package manager, doesn't contain
> an explicit Debian reference, and sounds like a classic arcade game.
> What more could you ask for?  :)

Despite the problem of a user wanting to play that game and the name
probably being copyrighted, I think there may be another problem.  The
tool just isn't to take care of packages, but the whole system (at least
my last reading of the ui spec leads me to believe this).

We need the name of a system administrative tool.  I think Sun's
"admintool" is a good example, but it would be a problem if anyone ever
ported it.  I like "sysadmin" but it may confuse others.  After watching
too much tv, "cnc" would be interesting (command 'n control).  If it's not
taken, "tweak" could work.

I'll send more if I think of them.  If you like one, please let me know.

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