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Re: timezone -> timezones (why?)

On Wed, 25 Feb 1998, Santiago Vila wrote:

> On Wed, 25 Feb 1998, Craig Sanders wrote:
> > also, one point which needs to be made is that for any
> > conflicts/depends/epochs stuff to work in a dselect upgrade, dpkg MUST
> > be upgraded first.
> This is not completely true. Once your dpkg supports epochs, you don't
> have to upgrade dpkg first.

yeah, but we can't know in advance which version of dpkg the user has

we want one nice simple install procedure:  "do this, then do that".

we don't want a complicated one: "do this if you have version xyz but do
that if you don't have this installed.  on the other hand if you have this
version of foo and that version of bar then do this before you do that".

admittedly, that sort of instruction can be written a lot clearer than
in this exaggerated example....but many users will find it just as
confusing no matter how clear we make it. i've helped enough people
through the libc5-libc6 upgrade procedure on #debian to know that even
really simple and obvious things can be dangerously confusing and
difficult to newbies.

the instructions have to be simple with no possibility for confusion or
many systems will be broken during the upgrade to hamm....which brings
us back to a script like autoup to get the system to a known safe point
where dselect can finish the job.

for the cdrom version of the script, i'd be tempted to add netbase,
netstd, and cron to the packages which get installed...these are the
packages which seem to cause most dselect related problems after autoup
has been run. fortunately, they're not disastrous problems...the usual
install/configure/install cycle fixes them.

a minimalist version of the upgrade notes could look like this:

1. put the CD in the drive and mount it as /cdrom
2. run "/cdrom/hamm-upgrade"
3. run dselect
4. configure mountable method, root dir=/cdrom
5. Update
6. Select
7. Install

(step 4 could be omitted if mountable method had appropriate default values)

this should be padded out with extra explanatory detail.


craig sanders

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