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Oops! Java VP's missing (was Re: Virtual Packages)

Someone noticed in this thread that we once had java-* VP's. I also
thought so a few days ago, so I searched my mail folders today... and it
turned out, that when I took over the VP list from Warwick (Mar 97), I
didn't got his latest version! Sorry about that...

(It's intresting though, that noone else noticed this for one year :)

The java VP's which have been added to the list on Jan 7, 97 and have been
dropped again on Mar 15, 97 again :-) are these: 

java-base-libs          Any implementation of the basic class libraries
java-awt-libs           Any implementation of the Abstract Window Toolkit
java-compiler           Any java source to bytecode compiler
java-virtual-machine    Anything providing a java virtual machine
java-appletviewer       Anything that can display java applets

It would be good to hear from a java-package expert which packages are
really needed now. (I've seen several proposal so far.) When someone sets
up a new proposal for java/vrml/whether VP's, please add a list of
packages which will Provide or Depend/Conflict/Suggest/... the VP's. It's
current policy that we only add new VP's to the list, if they are really
used by packages.

BTW, the current VP list also contains an "old and obsolete" section for
VP's used by xcompat, namely,

X11R5                   provided by xcompat for compatibility reasons
xr5shlib                do.
aout-x11r6lib           do.
X11R6                   do.

Since xcompat has been dropped, can I remove this section?



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