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> > It's come time to prepare for the freezing of Hamm.
> When you talk about hamm, do you refer to hamm/hamm or also to
> hamm/non-free and hamm/contrib? Do they have to be frozen at the same
> time?

Yes.  Everything under hamm (main, contrib, non-free, etc.) must be frozen
and released at the same time.  That was the original purpose of moving
them under hamm.

> > As everybody should know, there is a huge number of bugs that must be fixed
> > before this can happen.
> > Bug #  Package Name       Bug Description [days old] (maintainer)
> > [ ... ]
> It would be nice also to reduce this list to bugs in main and contrib.

The location doesn't really matter.  There are many packages in the main
distribution that will be removed because they have release-necessary
bugs.  The only difference with non-free is that all of the packages
with such bugs can be removed.

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