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procps maintainer back on list

G'day All,
  Now I understand some of the confusion about the procps and psmisc packages.
I got unsubscribed from the debian-devel email lists and was only getting 
part of the story.  Here is some comments about some email I trawled
from the archives.

Instead of the psmisc killall, you may be able to use procps skill.  I believe 
the current version of skill is broken, but the new one (in 1:1.2.6-1)
sitting on my hard drive nearly ready for release it works.

I read that the source upload for procps was broken, which is why we have
been having all sorts of problems with the non-i386 guys.  I'll have
a fresh new source for you soon.

Well, procps_1.2.6-1 is ready for upload, what's the decision on Essential:
that's what I'm waiting for.

  - Craig

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