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distribute silber CDs of frozen Re: Idea for Debian 2.0 testing process

Igor Grobman <igor@digicron.com> writes:

> >  Idea:
> > 
> >   When we were near the freeze date we could release a: "
> > 
> > Debian preview release: SPI has released a preview version of it Debian
> > GNU/Linux operating system. We think distribution is ready to general use.
> > Its improvements over the previous release (1.3.1) are: ....
> > 
> > Help us to solve all problems we can by installing it and reporting bugs
> > this way:....
> > 
> > You can get it from ... or order [gold] CDs from ...."
> Isn't this what we always do when we freeze a release?  I doubt we'll be able 
> to get anyone to make cheap CDs based on frozen...

Is this a consensus amoung developers that's good for Debian to
provide the frozen distribution on silver CDs (at least 1000 CDs)!?


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