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Re: List of bugs that *must* be fixed before freezing Hamm

On Fri 13 Feb 1998, Brian White wrote:

> The following bug reports *must* be fixed before the current unstable Debian
> distribution can progress further in its development cycle.  Reminders have
> been sent to the maintainers of these packages yet nothing has been done to
> remedy these bugs.

I find the ncurses 'tput' bug also quite serious... I was installing a
package while telnetted from another system. The postinstall started a
script that did a 'tput clear'. Unfortunately, the terminal type
inherited from the other system was not a "normal" one, and tput core
dumped, and the script was aborted.

It's a very old bug:

#5600: tput core dumps on unknown TERM
      Package: ncurses-bin; Reported by: Guy Maor <maor@ece.utexas.edu>;
      436 days old. 

I might have a look to see if this can be fixed...

Paul Slootman
home: paul@wurtel.demon.nl | work: paul@murphy.nl
http://www.wurtel.demon.nl | Murphy Software, Enschede, the Netherlands

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