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Re: More about lintian

[You (James Troup)]
>> Please, show me which "future expansion" are we talking about,
>I don't know, but what does it matter?  Surely you don't want it spelt
>out?  If you have to spell out the exact details of all possible
>future expansion you're extremely limited by what you can do/plan for.

Hey, here's some ideas:

.upstream-url <URL>
.upstream-author <RFC822 addr>
.package-stability <rock-solid|production-ok|beta|alpha|pre-alpha>

What James is saying, and I agree with, is that we need some simple way 
to mess around with new "control" like fields w/o forcing all the 
packaging systems (dpkg, dftp, deity, dupload, dpkg-buildpackage, etc etc 
etc) to accept them.

Most of the discussion about additional fields in control files should IMHO
be implemented for now by suffficiently enthusiatic developers as "dot 
fields" in the description.  And the beauty is, older systems don't need 
to understand the field to just display them.

.....A. P. Harris...apharris@onShore.com...<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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