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Re: GroundZero (third party deb repository)

Jason Gunthorpe <jgg@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca> writes:

> I just heard about GroundZero, a repository of experimental software, 
> http://www.yggdrasil.com/test/GroundZero/
> They provide their binaries in a number of forms, including .deb .. The
> trouble is that they are using normal version numbers. I have stated
> before that Deity depends on their being only one deb for each version,
> having two debs called 1.3 that are not the same will cause problems.
> Perhaps we should decide on some sort of policy regarding this?

I personally think it's just a case of "buyer beware".  I don't think
Adam Richter of Yggdrasil is doing the repository with the expectation
that people will be mixing packages via dpkg-ftp or deity.  They are
going to be installing them manually using dpkg -i.  And those
packages are definitely not going to be conforming to any sort of
Debian policy.  If a user installs a non-Debian package using dpkg -i,
and it screws up, that doesn't make us look bad, because it's his/her
own fault.

I haven't looked at deity lately, but I imagine that if you are going
to present menus of packages that the user can select from foreign,
non-Debian sites, then it would be a nice feature to tag the installed
packages with the name of the site where it came from.

If you want to tackle that issue - you won't have to worry about just
version collisions - multiple sites will lead to name collisions also.

The same issues arise with any type of unofficial repository.  BTW, I
still want to do one - but I'm lacking disk space on my server (and
the time to set it up) right now.


 - Jim

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