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Re: Help switching maintainers

On Thu, 12 Feb 1998, Nicolás Lichtmaier wrote:

> > Why can't you simply re-upload the package with a patched maintainer
> > field? Some people just look at the .debs itself when searching for the
> > maintainer and these people might get the wrong address otherwise.
>  Uploading a package just to change tha maintainer package is wrong IMO.
>  It causes silly downloads for people following unstable and not everybody
> in the world has a cheap, reliable and fast connection to the net.

I disagree. The disadvantages of having packages in unstable with wrong
maintainer fields is IMO much greater than that of having to download a
file twice.

In addition, since maintainer changes are not that often, I think we could
handle this little `overhead'. 

BTW, there is a script somewhere which can unpack a .deb, change the
maintainer field, and repack it again. With that, the maintainers would
not have to reupload the package again.



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