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Re: over 30000 bugs in our archive (!)

Christian Schwarz wrote:
>Someone pointed out that I should make the lintian report available via
>the web.  [...]

Thanks for making your lintian output available; I'm now going to fix
the bugs!  A couple of questions and comments, though:

> E: gsn-curses: description-contains-invalid-control-statement

What does this mean?  I'd guess it has to do with the line in the
extended description which starts with an elipsis (...)?

> E: zcode-support: file-missing-in-md5sums etc/menu/zcode-support
> E: zcode-support: file-missing-in-md5sums etc/zcode-support/interpreters
> E: zcode-support: file-missing-in-md5sums etc/zcode-support/interpreters
> E: strn: file-missing-in-md5sums etc/news/strn/default_topic
> E: strn: file-missing-in-md5sums etc/news/strn/hier_groups
> E: strn: file-missing-in-md5sums etc/news/strn/hier_groups

These are deliberately left out of the md5sums file because they are
conffiles.  dpkg already records md5sums for conffiles in the status
file.  OTOH, if you can give me a reason why I should include them, I

In fact, I'm not sure why you're checking for this anyway...  md5sums
files are not yet Policy, are they?

> E: strn: old-fsf-address

In the /usr/doc/*/copyright, I suppose?  In that file, I report what
the copyrights and licences actually ARE.  I should not change them
from what the author(s) wrote.  This should therefore be downgraded to
a warning, or dropped altogether.


Charles Briscoe-Smith
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