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Re: List of bugs that *must* be fixed before freezing Hamm

> Are we sure we want to fix _ALL_ the problems before freezing? Many of the
> bugs against optional packages, and IMHO the distribution should not wait
> for optional packages, which have been proven to be unimportant by the
> fact that no-one has bothered to fix a >= important bug. We should just
> cruelly dump those packages to contrib, AFAIK contrib is a place for
> packages that are not maintained.

That's easy.  Let me know the package.  I'll put it on my list, downgrade the
bug, and keep that package from going into "frozen".

> Remember, that the sole reason I ever installed debian was because it had
> the 2.0 kernel first. I probably weren't the only one and nowadays the
> bleeding endge freeks are all installing Redhat, because the latest stable
> debian is closing the age one year!

Yes.  And the sooner these bugs get fixed, the sooner we'll be on the cutting
edge again.

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