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Re: Totally off-topic - New Pixar movie?

From: "Chad D. Zimmerman" <chad@dabcc-www.nmsu.edu>
> And another company is in the middle of making a completly 3d studio max2
> movie called Psychotrope.  due out in '99.
> I need to learn more of Max I guess if I want to try to do anything like
> that.

Consider taking courses in the visual and narritave arts. It turns out that
anybody can do graphics of high quality on a home computer, although it
currently takes a larger investment to do a full-length feature. What most
people fall short on is not technology, but the ability to tell a story well
using the film medium. The success of Pixar is not just that we had the
technology to make Toy Story, but we also had good directors, writers,
and animators who had trained for years doing pencil animation before they
ever got to a computer. Without that, we could have made flashy effects, but
not a film that people would love.



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