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Re: i (was: Summary of Package Overlaps)

Santiago Vila wrote:
> On Thu, 5 Feb 1998, Richard Braakman wrote:
> > Overlap between cfs_1.3.3-1 (nonus,orphaned) and chris-cust_0.4:
> >    usr/bin/i
> > Right.  I wonder which is the more intuitive meaning for i.
> > Reported as #17841 to cfs and #17842 to christ-cust.
> This is namespace pollution again...
> We would need some policy preventing this.

Such a policy would be very hard to define.  Consider just the
one-character commands.  Which of these are namespace pollution?
(And most importantly, if it is to be policy, why?)

   Command          Package
   i and o          cfs
   i and l          chris-cust
   w                procps
   B                sam
   R                r-base
   X                xbase
   [                shellutils

I think the current policy, which only addresses names when they do
overlap, is the most we can codify.

Richard Braakman

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