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Re: need a package maintainer for an anti-spam component


	Isn't anyone concerned about bouncing mail to a legit
 correspondent? My ISP was incorrectly black listed for a weekend
 (they thought my isp also provided the services toe neighboring class
 C network), and my mail to various people bounced.

	I was quite annoyed.

	I like the concept of the rbl, but not if it looses me
 business; I do not ever want to bounce a client mail even if they use
 a bone head ISP

	I have a sendmail.cf snippet that merely save the bad mail to
 an user called (imaginatively) spam. I never see the spam, I just
 skim /var/sppol/mail/spam occasionally to see if an usefule message
 got snagged.

	Closing the gate as far as telnet kind of services is great;
 SMTP is a different ball game.

	Am I the only one concerned about the intemperateness of the
 response? Anyone else who is worried about bouncing messages as
 opposed to filing them under spam?

 who is happy to report he hasn't lost his sendmail.cf hacking touch
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