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Re: need a package maintainer for an anti-spam component

Regarding "need a package maintainer for an anti-spam component" of 18:03
-0800 1998-02-03, Bruce Perens wrote:
>I just submitted a bug on netbase containing a patch for "tcpd" that will
>allow any Debian user to easily use the Realtime Blackhole List to block
>spam mail. I want to make it possible for a user to automaticaly configure
>their system to use the Realtime Blackhole List. This would be a choice in
>the configure script for your MDA.

Most of Debian's packaged MTAs already have RBL support, or can be given
RBL support with little effort. Debian sendmail has RBL support available
in its configure script, and I have filed a wishlist bug against exim to
provide an option to enable its RBL support in its 'eximconfig' script.
smail will require a patch to handle RBL. qmail is an exception, as clearly
we cannot distribute patched source. zmailer's web site doesn't clearly
specify how one adds RBL support, but it is insanely configurable.

Personally, I find putting this in tcpd to be overkill, since RBL is only
relevant to blocking SMTP traffic, and clearly the MTA can do it more

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