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Re: possible new official mirror in the US

> > > or    ftp.ca.us.debian.org    (i.e. Include the state in the fqdn)
> > 
> > This makes the most sense.  We're going to end up with some longer fqdns,
> > but who cares,  really?  The only concern is that we might then have to
> > come up with ways of keeping track of other mirrors in countries that
> > don't have states -- like,  for instance,  ftp.london.uk.debian.org vs
> > ftp.liverpool.uk.debian.org if there were two in the uk.
> I agree.  Since the point of the multiple mirrors is "to use a mirror close
> to you", then the location should be in the name.
> Also, "ftp.us.debian.org" should be set up with IP addresses of all the
> ftp sites in the us, thus rotating among them in a fairly even matter.
> This way, it will even the general load among all mirrors and still allow
> people who know where they want to go to get there directly.
As this solution seems to have the greatest support (and happens to be the
one I like :), I'm going with it.

- Jay

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