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need a package maintainer for an anti-spam component

I just submitted a bug on netbase containing a patch for "tcpd" that will
allow any Debian user to easily use the Realtime Blackhole List to block
spam mail. I want to make it possible for a user to automaticaly configure
their system to use the Realtime Blackhole List. This would be a choice in
the configure script for your MDA.

Using the Blackhole list can cause legitimate mail to be blocked or
bounced. To protect our users, we must bounce it with a meaningful
message including the reason it was bounced and a local phone number.
Because spam often has a bad envelope-from, (and because this is more
efficient), we must bounce it with an error message during the SMTP
transaction, rather than send bounce mail later, if the bounce is to
have much chance of getting back to the sender.

In ~bruce/smtp-refuser on master.debian.org, you will find my SMTP refuser
program. This is used along with "tcpd" or another TCP security daemon
to bounce messages from the IP addresses of known spammers. The advantage
of this over just blocking the connection is that the remote SMTP server
will not retry, and a legitimate e-mail sender will get a polite message
telling them why their mail was blocked and who to call to get around the

I need someone to adopt this program and package it for Debian. Please


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